You know heavy tears are coming. Here's how to look less unattractive when the final chapter of NBC's This Is Us makes us cry every week, starting tonight.

What is ugly crying?

So many ways to describe expressing sadness.

There's WEEPING.


You could use the expression SNIVELING

And there's BLUBBERING

But, an UGLY CRY...

That's when you are crying so intensely that your face becomes contorted in an exaggerated, unpleasant and unattractive way.

There is one show on television that brings out the ugly crying every single Tuesday night. That show is NBC's This Is Us.

This show is so good at connecting to our souls that the ugly cries come quick. It's also hard to keep track of how many times the show has made us cry this way.

The Top 10 This Is Us Moments That Made us Ugly Cry

Not an easy list to assemble because there are way more than ten.

On Tuesday, January 4, the final season of This Is Us premiers. The season is entitled, The Final Chapter, so the ugly cry factor will be extremely high.

Here are the best ways to feel all that emotion but keep others from witnessing the most unattractive positions your face can make.


How to Cry Without Looking Unattractive

1. Be prepared

Wear waterproof makeup

2. Have some tissues handy

3. Have some clothing item that you could hid behind

4. When the tears start flowing DO NOT rub your eyes

5. B R E A T H E!

And purse your lips, it helps hold your more attractive face in place.

6. Try to make yourself giggle. Experts say the giggle will make a few more tears fly out but it make you look happier

7. If none of the above is working, bury your face in your hands.

We're screwed! None of that stuff is going to work. I could barely make it through the trailer for the final season.

My best advice is to either watch this show with someone who loves you unconditionally or by yourself.

DO NOT watch This is Us with the 'new' person in your life.

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