An engineer from Illinois created one of the most loved and hated inventions of all time.


According to,

"The most important invention to come out of Illinois is the mobile phone."

If you ask some people today, I think they would say it's the most important invention of our lifetime. Then the person sitting next to them would say it's the most annoying invention of all time.

Either way, it's very successful and here to stay. This isn't going to become the next mini-disc player.

I was very surprised to find out that it was invented in our state.

"Engineer Martin Cooper developed the first handheld mobile phone in 1973 while working at Motorola in Schaumburg." 

That's just up the road off of I-90 on your way to Chicago.

Of course, that early version wasn't slick like an iPhone or Galaxy.

"Dubbed "the brick," the bulky device measured 10 inches and weighed a hefty 2.5 pounds."

So basically, you had to carry it everywhere. There's no way it would fit in your pockets. All you could do is make calls. No texting, games, camera, apps, or the internet.

There were no unlimited calling plans. You were charged per call and per minute of the call. Talk about a pricey bill.

My Dad had one for work. He looked like he was using a big army walkie talkie.

The next time you get frustrated with your cell phone, remember the name Martin Cooper because it's all his fault.


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