What makes a burger, MORE than a burger to you? Do you like a fried egg, some guac, maybe some pulled pork? Burger joints are taking things way past a "cheeseburger" these days and the creative are getting even more creative. YELP

Before we get to the Illinois location that contributed to this list, let's look at some other burgers across America that are just crazy.

These are the Most Outrageous Burgers Across America - Yelp 

Texas - "Big Cheese" The Shack

Weighing in at 2 pounds, the FOUR patty burger also has, you guessed it, CHEESE!

“When someone walks in and they’re like, ‘I want the biggest burger you have,’ well, we have this one, a lot of people get it just for the ‘oh wow’ moment.” - owner Freddy Morales

Georgia - "Y'all Burger" NFA BURGER

Now this one, oh man...Four patties of meat smashed together, and no normal bun here. Waffles. Not normal waffled either:

 Liège waffles, which contain pearl-sized sugar clumps that caramelize on the grill. - Yelp

What in the...

San Francisco - "The Sunday Morning" HIDDEN SPOT

Wagya beef patty along with Honey-cured bacon, tater tots, and a fried egg.

 Known for their wagyu beef burgers and sandwiches, we ordered their ‘The Sunday Morning’ burger, which left our mouths watering and stomachs happy. - Fanny L

OK, so what about the Illinois burger? Check this OUTRAGEOUS burger out!

Morton Grove, IL - "BBQ Lechon Burger" BOBBA BURGER

Crunchy lechon Filipino roast pork, DEEP FRIED! Throw on some cheese, lettuce, tomato, a large onion ring, BOOM!

Want to mic drop? This was created in a Bowling Alley in the Chicago Suburbs in the 1970's...a Bowling Alley!

Boba Burger
Boba Burger

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