There is a candy factory in Wisconsin that gives free tours along with free samples and it's definitely worth checking out.

When I'm taking some time off and taking a road trip, I enjoy finding interesting things to check out. It's even better if they're free.

I saw a great article from called "The Best Tourist Attractions in Every State."

As I was glancing through their list, I found one that caught my eye. Plus, it's not that far away in Wisconsin, which is an added bonus.

In a town called Pleasant Prairie, located between Milwaukee and Chicago, is the Jelly Belly Warehouse.

Along with sampling free delicious candy, there several other free activities you can check out.

  • Visitor Center.
  • Jelly Belly Express Train Tour.
  • Giant candy chorus line.
  • Kids interactive area.
  • Art gallery
  • Candy store
  • Snack bar

Sounds like a tasty good time.

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