The sunshine can play tricks on you. You look out your window and you think, damn the sun looks good! You go outside and it's like eleven degrees. Curses!

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Well there is NOTHING wrong with thinking spring. Seeing the green grass, having a cocktail on the deck or patio, just enjoying being outside without 50 layers....Oh, and a drunk umpire at your kid's baseball game!

Rockford Rivets Baseball Set to Resume After Positive COVID Test
David Lee

This story dates back to 2013, but it totally got me in the baseball/spring mood. The silliness of this entire story will make you shake your head. How many times have you been to a game where a parent of coach loses their mind over a call? Throw a clipboard, kick a fence, curse in front of kids...classy. But the parents and coaches has a REASON to lose their marbles over this! Deadspin

Ramon Purcell

A 49-year-old high school umpire, was wasted calling a game. Everyone could see he was wasted. Balls and strikes, sure! Here's the kicker, he passed out. Passed out drunk on the field. Night, night. Dude woke up in an Illinois jail cell. Ball four!

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus
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Once "Ump of the Year" woke up, he tried to fight people. That always has a happy ending. He ended up facing two charges each of aggravated battery and resisting a peace officer, while trying to fight a medic. Oh, another "ball four moment" he was tased twice during his arrest, JUUUUSSST a bit outside.

Walter Arce

C'mon spring, c'mon no virus spring, c'mon baseball season....we miss all of this. Let's tase 2022 and play ball!

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