Whether it's Valentine's Day or the 7th day of April, this scam doesn't have the heart to stop trying to fool you. The online dating thing, is a big thing. So many apps and websites that provide a platform to meet "the one," or something.

With that said, the Illinois Attorney General says there's a romantic scam online that is "fishing" for your love and could put your private information in jeopardy.


Here are a few examples from the Illinois Attorney Generals Office that could fool you, and make you offer up crucial private info.

Breakup and divorce
  • Be mindful that online scammers often create fake profiles or pose as celebrities and may attempt to contact you via social media
  • If using a dating website or app, communicate only through the website or app until you feel comfortable with the other person’s intentions.
  • Be wary if your new love interest is avoiding meeting over video or in person.
  • Never share your bank account or credit card information with anyone you meet online, and do not send money by wire transfer, money order, gift card or cryptocurrency.

The Illinois Attorney General goes on to say, you should not feel embarrassed or ashamed by your actions, but if you have been scammed here are some items that you want to have handy to report.

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  • Copies of your communications
  • Stop all contact with the individual, and block all contact
  • Report the user’s profile to the social media you are using and the local police


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