Here are some things I learned about Kansas by seeing them live on May 20th at the Coronado PAC in Rockford, Illinois.

We had a 96.7 The Eagle show with Kansas, this past Saturday night at the Coronado. I went to the show and learned a few things while I was there.

Double T - Kansas at the Coronado

Great venue - The Coronado PAC is a great place to see a performance. The sound is excellent and there isn't a bad seat in the house, which makes for a very intimate show. Its the perfect place for a classic rock band.

Double T - Kansas at the Coronado

Local connection - The current lead singer, Ronnie Platt, replaced Steve Walsh when he retired. Ronnie is from Chicago. He sand for the band ARRA, which was a 70's/80's tribute. I have see ARRA play a few times including at L.T.'s.

Double T - Kansas at the Coronado

Celebration - Kansas is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of the album "Leftoverture" and 44th year as a band.

Double T - Kansas at the Coronado

No "Old School" - I thought for sure somebody would yell out, "You're My Boy, Blue" like in the movie, "Old School" when the band played "Dust in the Wind," but nobody did.

Video: (Dust in the Wind) Kansas live in Rockford Illinois at the Coronado Theatre. 5/20/2017 

Video: (Dust in the Wind) Old School (7/11) Best Movie Quote - You're My Boy Blue! (2003)

Original members - There are two original members still in the band. They are guitar player, Rich Williams, and drummer, Phil Ehart. Bass player, Billy Greer has been in the band since 1985.

Double T - Kansas at the Coronado

New music - Kansas has a new album out called, "The Prelude Implicit." The songs fit in well with the classics.

Double T - Kansas at the Coronado

Setlist - Here is the setlist from the show.

1. Belexes

2. Point of Know Return

3. Paradox

4. What's on my Mind

5. The Wall

6. Hold On

7. Reason to Be

8. Dust in the Wind

9. Miracles Out of Nowhere

10. Icarus II

11. Icarus - Borne on Wings of Steel

12. Rhythm in the Spirit

13. Opus Insert

14. Down the Road

15. Portrait (He Know)

16. Carry on Wayward Son

Video: Clip of "Carry of Wayward Son" Kansas at the Coronado in Rockford, Illinois May 20th, 2017 

Cheap Trick - The bass player noticed somebody wearing a Cheap Trick shirt in the crowd and he gave the band a shout out.

Double T - Kansas at the Coronado

"That person" - There's always "that person" at a show. It's the Coronado, so everybody is relaxed and sitting down. There was one person that kept trying to sneak up to the front.

Double T - Kansas at the Coronado

I really enjoyed the show. I hope you got a chance to check it out too. Please feel free to share your favorite moments of the concert.