Sometimes the water looks clearer when the sun is in your eyes.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

It's funny how you can see things a certain way even though they aren't that way. Or it some cases things are labeled one way but that's not reality. Now I'm not trying to get heavy here or make some bold political statement, I just saw a bus that made me laugh.

So this bus that was in the turn lane and obviously fully functional, had this on the electronic screen "Out of Service". O.K. I understand the whole bus service and why it said that, but for a brief moment in time I laughed and though to myself, that's misleading and funny.

This lead me to the rest of my day where I noticed those types of things at every turn:

  • An out of order sign on a soda machine that people were still using
  • A closed for maintenance sign on an escalator that was moving just fine
  • A gas pump with the plastic out of service bag on it, that was being used


If you see anything like this, send me a picture and I will post it.






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