Did you know there is an Illinois company that will bring a variety of animals, including snakes, skunks, and bats to your house? Let's party! TheBash

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of "IncredibleBats Inc," these folks will bring exotic animals to your home. While you might want to get rid of bats, snakes, or skunks...they will bring them by for a visit, and so much more!

IncredibleBats Inc will supply your party or family get togethers with exotic animals. They've been doing this for around 27 years, and they can turn a party into an "Animal House."

We can bring out 2 species of fruit bats, sugar gliders, wooly possum, rabbit, rats, hedgehogs, skunks, ball pythons, corn snakes, sand boa, bearded dragons, geckos, turtle, salamander, Amazon parrots. Most of our animals can be interacted with and photographed. - The Bash

Can you image having grandma hanging with a Bearded Dragon? Maybe a keg party with parrots? Whatever you imagine, can happen with these folks.

This company is based out of New Lenox, IL and will travel to you with these creatures. These animals at your home start at around $300. The reviews are pretty solid, seems like these peeps know their exotic animals:

Radka D. - We had a great experience having Incrediblebats at our campground. Their presentation was very knowledgeable yet entertaining and the crowd has received them well. Huge turnout and big smiles. We look forward to having them back in the future.

Janet S. - The children loved the ability to touch and hold the animals. Adults were amazed and encouraged to participate too. A big hit were the sloth, armadillo and desert fox.

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