This is not a drill people!!!

In Fox Lake, Illinois is a beef jerky outlet that is open year round!

Simply named Beef Jerky Outlet.

It is said to feature over 100 types of jerky, along with other snacks and novelties.

No matter what kind of jerky you're into they have it!

Looking at their website there are 6 pages of just different types of jerky, including a sweet maple bacon jerky. And if you haven't experienced a bacon jerky yet, you're missing out let me tell you!

Besides bacon, other meat options include beef, salmon, kangaroo, buffalo, elk, turkey, brisket, venison, and pork.

You'll even find a selection of popcorn, hot sauces, cheeses, and more!

They even have fried garlic. I don't know what that is, but I want to try it!

Fox Lake's Beef Jerky Outlet is open daily. See their website or Facebook page for details.

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