A unique place to party in Illinois is the Wine Cave.

Unique Place To Party

If you are looking for a place to have a few drinks in Rockford, it is not very difficult. There are bars throughout town. Those taverns are a great place to hang out.

In case you are looking for something different. The Forest City also has some special locations to enjoy a strange way to party. There are rooftop clubs in downtown Rockford. How about in a sports complex bar? Along the banks of the Rock River has a couple of nice docks to drink.


Concert In A Cave

A couple of years ago, I was up way too late on a Saturday night. I was channel surfing when I came across a show called "Bluegrass Underground" on PBS. The program features live concerts from a cave in Tennessee. The episode I watched was Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes performing with his solo band.

I thought that venue was the coolest. It is on my live concert bucket list. Unfortunately, it is a long ride to just see a band.

Party In A Cave

Where else can you party in a cave? That would be a blast. Luckily, we don't have to drive all the way to Tennessee to have that experience. Illinois has its own bar in a cave.

Wine Cave

It is located in Carterville, Illinois.

According to walkersbluff.com,

"Behind the Tasting Room, a small waterfall pours alongside arched double doors with the inscription “Down the Rabbit Hole” welcoming visitors to the Wine Cave. The intriguing tunnel leads visitors into a domed area of the cave with a circular bar. The crowning skylight allows the sun and moon to filter through the cave giving it an intimate feel."

Check out this video tour of the Wine Cave and Walker's Bluff from Walker's Bluff Facebook page.

Video: The Tasting Room and Wine Cave- Private Events and Weddings

Isn't it a cool place? I think it would be great to hold an event or party there.

For more info, HERE.

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