Henry Bruckner, Rockford Rocked via Facebook[/caption]Here are some things that you will only be able to see in Rockford.

I believe sometimes Rockford has a self-esteem issue. Like every other city in the world, we have some problems but there are also a lot of good things here too. I like Rockford and really enjoy living here. If you look carefully, you can find some really amazing and unique things that you can only find in the Forest City. I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of them.

Here are some things you will only find in Rockford...

  • Symbol - I think we have all made a joke or two about our "Orange Symbol Sculpture." The big question is "what is it?" On one of these nice spring days, take a walk along the Rock River and get a closer look. It really is a cool thing. I have been to many different places with similar types of structures and nothing compares to ours.
  • Member of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame grocery shopping - I have friends that live in other cities and are big Cheap Trick fans. They ask me if I have ever met them. My favorite response is "I see Rick Nielsen buying his deli meat." Well, that's kind of true. I have seen Rick at the grocery store doing some shopping. How many other Rock Stars would you see doing that?
  • Pig Wearing A Hockey Jersey - The Rockford IceHogs are one of the best things we have going in this town. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends. I understand that hockey is played in many places and other teams have animal mascots that wear jerseys but none can compare to Hammy. He is the face of the organization.
  • E-RABS - Kind of like residents wondering about "what is symbol," a lot of people new to the area will ask, "what's an E-RAB?" of course, it is the mascot of Rockford East High School. It stands for "East Red and Black." There is not another school that will share that nickname. If you ask any alumni, there is a lot of E-RAB pride in Rockford.
  • World Famous Figure 8 Trailer Race - As a community, we are very lucky to have a legendary race track like Rockford Speedway. It is a big deal in racing. Many drivers have gotten their start here. They put on a great show every week. This is the one I like forward to every season. it puts a smile on my face. The trailer race may be copied in other places but never quite as good as ours.

Do you have any favorite things about Rockford that you will only find here?

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