There's a touch of Illinois in everything across the country...No seriously, there is. The passwords that people used in 2022, is a great example. No, ABC123 has nothing to do with Illinois, but number 16 on this list sure does! NordPass

There are a lot of common passwords, as you will see. I don't know if you call this "lazy" but with so many common ones, who knows.

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I work for a company that makes you change them all monthly, so trying to remember them is always the hard part. It never fails when I'm not at work and have to remember one...Oh that's on my desk. Doh!

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So let's take a look at the top 20 passwords people use, from 2022. When you get to number 16 on the list you will enter some "rare air" and feel that Illinois vibe for sure.


  • guest


  • 123456


  • password


  • 12345


  • a1b2c3


  • 123456789


  • Password1


  • 1234


  • abc123


  • 12345678


  • qwerty


  • baseball


  • football


  • unknown


  • soccer


  • jordan23 (All these years later, wow!)
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  • iloveyou


  • monkey


  • shadow


  • g_czechout

By the way, number 28 is Jordan and 29 in Michael. Can you say "Jordan for THREE!" It's gotta be the shoes! Michael Jordan has been out of basketball for years, but his connection to pop culture especially his shoes are still as big as ever! Billions of dollars in shoes sold, the Jordan Brand as a big as it's ever been.

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Nothing else really sticks out on this list, your typical numbers and letters and the occasional sport and animal...Oh and the QWERTY thing, that's original.

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