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A state by state list was put together at Thrillist of "Every States Grossest Food, That People Actually Love).

Now before we get to Illinois, let me start by saying this list is filled with items I have had, and like...But there is also plenty that I have no clue what is going on. What's gross to you, may not be gross to others. I like black jelly beans, see...there's my point.

Each state always has their quirky eats, no matter where you go. The orange cheese and not mozzarella on pizza in St. Louis is weird to me, and delicious.  There are also those foods that don't look edible or at least, appetizing. Let's give you some state by state examples:

  • Arkansas - Buffalo Ribs. This is actually a fish, not ribs from an actual buffalo...roaming.
  • Colorado - Shredded Wheat. This one will keep you, regular.
  • Delaware - Slippery Dumplings. Simply crockpot dumplings, delicious comfort food.
  • Iowa - Loose meat sandwich. Maid Rite.
  • Kentucky - Lamb Fries. Take one guess what these REALLY are...eww.
  • Massachusetts - Marshmallow Fluff. Seriously that's the states favorite food.

O.K....so on to us, Illinois. The favorite "weirdest/grossest" food? Gravy Bread.

Now personally I do not think this is gross. I wouldn't consider this a "meal" by any means, but it could be part of a meal. You have a nice beef roast, carrots and potatoes, and there's gravy bread...That makes sense to me, what about you?


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