You would never expect this place to be the most haunted in Chicago.

I never really knew there was a most haunted contest. It either is or it isn't. In my opinion, any paranormal activity makes it scary. Apparently, the creepy places are ranked.

Chicago is known for its ghosts. I'm not surprised by events in its history like the Chicago Fire, Mafia connections, extreme weather, crime, and much more. It's literally a breeding grown for spirits that want to haunt the city.

There's a list and it includes many legendary places. Check it out from,

  • Holy Name Cathedral
  • Biograph Theater Alley
  • St. Valentine's Day Massacre Site
  • Lincoln Park
  • The Red Lion Pub
  • Historic Water Tower
  • Battle Of Fort Dearborn Park
  • Liar's Club
  • Eastland Disaster Site
  • H.H. Holmes "Murder Castle" Site
  • Graceland Cemetery
  • Iroquois Theatre
  • Resurrection Cemetery
  • Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
  • Congress Plaza Hotel

All of those locations seem reasonable as haunts. They are all well know in the world of the paranormal. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the topic spot doesn't belong on the list. It's just that its history doesn't go that far back so I'm a little surprised.

According to, is The House of Blues. Do you agree, that's a little strange?

Here's the story why...

"The building that currently hosts the House of Blues was originally part of the Marina City complex and was home to the Marina Cinemas until it closed in 1977. The movie theater was the site of a blood-curdling crime in 1972 when its manager, Gloria Kirkpatrick, was stabbed multiple times by an unseen assailant. Kirkpatrick was a resident of west tower, so it's possible that her spirit now resides somewhere in the Marina City complex where she spent her final days—perhaps inside her apartment on the 39th floor?"

I'll definitely think about that the next time I go there for a show.


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