Let's get an EXTREME HISTORY LESSON...or something. Taking a look at the most EXTREME temperatures and snowfall totals in Illinois, will SQUALL YOU! NCEI

The National Centers For Environmental Information supplies you with a history lesson that is hot, and down right chilling at the same time. Midwest weather is something special, find a transplant and they question everything.

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Yep, we get all four seasons, and sometimes they overlap...Sometimes they go to extreme heights that make you sweat when you are simply sitting...Sometimes you think it's warm out when it's 20 and sunny. I do.

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Here's an example from across the country that will make you sweat just reading this. In Death Valley, California (perfect place for this) it once climbed to 130 DEGREES. That is on the hottest temperatures EVER recorded in American history, holy crap! For more of the HOTTEST TEMPS ON THE FREAKIN PLANET EVER Click Here

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So let's look at some of this weather craziness in Illinois history. We will cool things down first, and build a snowman or 5000 of them...Let's get snowy first:

  • The Most Snowfall in a 24 hour period - February 1900 in Astoria, IL 36 INCHES of snow fell.
  • The Most Rain in a 24 hour period - July 1996 in Aurora, IL 16.91 INCHES
  • The Most EXTREME Maximum Temperature - July 1954 in East Saint Louis, IL 117 DEGREES
  • The Most EXTREME Minimum Temperature - January 2019 - Mt Carroll, IL -38 DEGREES

Welcome to Illinois, welcome to life in the Midwest, welcome to our world!

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