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Sunshine, warmer temps. grilling out, cold beer, and an INVASION OF CICADAS! Insert dramatic music, and hide your freakin' plants!

That's right folks, the Cicadas are coming to the Midwest, and in a BIG way...soon. Billions, yes BILLIONS with a "B" will be traveling to destroy plants and annoy your senses this summer. This swarm is so big and so powerful and it has a freakin' name..."Brood X." It's like they are joining the WWE or something. This group emerges from the ground every 17 years, and it's that time people...Brood X is going to destroy small trees and shrubs, then take the tag team titles!! Oh, wait...

From the New York Times, these Cicadas with invade 18 states including Illinois as Dr Matt Kasson of West Virginia University has a lot to say about them. It's almost as if her is taunting them...

“They’re just really big and awkward, if anything, he said, Americans should consider themselves lucky to witness the phenomenon. It’s really something to marvel at, males go on a singing spree, that in some areas with many cicadas, the sound can be deafening it results in this cacophonous shrill.” - Dr. Kasson

Dr Kasson furthers to say that they should be around about the third week of May. They are waiting for the soil to get warmer. Once our soil hits 64 degrees, get ready for some singing. Here is how loud these things get...a motorcycle can hit around 95 decibels. If there is some up in a tree, and you are below them, 90 decibels.

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