The hottest player in the National League Championship Series, Javier Báez, has people searching all over the internet for his girlfriend.She's not missing as much as people don't really know who she is.

Seriously, not much is known about Báez's girlfriend other than her name, Irmarie Márquez. There's also very few photos of her and Baez on the internet.

Certainly not saying it's a good or bad thing, it's the world we live in. Everything is shared on social media and to find so few pictures of Báez's mystery woman is kind of surprising.

For the most part, Márquez seems content with staying out of the spotlight. There's only one story regarding her and a few other Cubs wives and girlfriends when they teamed for a charity function over the summer.

While it looks like Márquez prefers to stay out of the spotlight, her boyfriend seems to enjoy it. They seem to be perfect for each other.

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