I didn't realize there is a beauty contest for courthouses. I was wrong. Apparently there is and the internet believes the ugliest building resides in the downtown of Joliet, Illinois.

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Don't blame this weird fact on me. It's NBC Chicago's fault. They were the first news outlet I saw that broke the news that the old Will County Courthouse in Joliet, Illinois is the world's ugliest courthouse. Not just Illinois, but the world. Right.

They referenced an article in the Chicago Sun-Times that spoke about a group trying to preserve this building which has since been replaced a few years ago. Instead of being offended by having their courthouse referred to as the world's ugliest, they think it's a great reason to keep it around. Good for them.

They mention that the former Will County Courthouse was built in 1969 in what was described as "Brutalist architecture". That sounds harsh.

The courthouse that replaced it is quite a looker...for a courthouse.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Will the old Will County Courthouse be saved so we can all loathe its ugliness in the future? Only time will tell. Better "enjoy" it while you can, Illinois.

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