Illinois is the home of the classic dolls, Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Growing up, most of my cousins were older or younger. I did have one the same age. We would hang out quite a bit at our grandma's house. There was only one problem. We had very different opinions when he came to the kind of toys we liked to play with.

She's a girl, so she was all about her Raggedy Ann and Andy. Not only did she have the dolls, but she had clothes. blankets. pillows, curtains, books, games, and pretty much anything that had their images on it. I was all about Star Wars. Of course, their worlds never met.

I recently learned an interesting fact about her favorite toys.

According to,

"Few People Know That Illinois Is The Birthplace Of Raggedy Ann and Andy, The Original Toys That Come To Life At Night Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy, grew up in Arcola, Illinois, which is where he invented these beloved characters and the others that graced his books."

I think that's pretty darn cool. It seems lately that I've been learning so fun things about Illinois.


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