Playboy publishes its last edition of the long running legendary magazine.

Before internet or pay-per-view, there was the "special" covered up magazine rack behind the counter of the local convenience store. There's always that "bad boy" in the neighborhood that found his dad's Playboy collection in the back of his parent's closet. He would sneak it to school and show it off at recess. For many, that was the first experience with the female anatomy. I would dare to say it was a right of passage for teenage boys back in the day.

With so many options with today's technology, the iconic magazine just couldn't compete. Playboy has put out it's last actual magazine and will move completely to the internet.

According to,

"Playboy magazine died last week, at age 66. The magazine, which last year became an ad-free quarterly costing $25, was losing $5 million a year. A relic of an era when pornography could only be found on paper, Playboy kept publishing only due to the sentimentality of its founder, Hugh Hefner, who died in 2017 at age 91. Its Spring 2020 issue will be the last before it goes online-only."

Honestly, I didn't realize they still even put out an actual magazine.

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