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It was four years ago tonight, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. I can still remember the rock in my stomach feeling as the rain started to fall harder and harder. I had waited my entire life to see this and it seemed like Mother Nature was going to somehow deal us a wet, and bad hand.

At last, the grounder was hit to 3rd base, and the throw that seemed to take FOREVER, made it to Rizzo at 1st and the game was over. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

For all Chicago Cubs fans, this is something we will always remember. I would like to see more in my lifetime please and thank you.

Forward to 4:54 for the exact moment that it went down. The more I watch this final play, the more I think wow, Bryant was another step away from slipping and falling....

So where were you during this game? What did you do during the rain delay? Were you able to keep your cool at the end or did you cry like a baby? Either answer to the last question is perfectly fine.

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