Monday night the Wrigley Field faithful witnessed a trophy and Cubs history.

Chicago Cubs Victory Celebration
Getty Images

There was a rain delay, a trophy and a banner Monday night. After it was all said and done after midnight, the Chicago Cubs added another "W' and the celebration continues.

Seriously, the celebration continues. Listen, it's been a "few years" so if The Chicago Cubs want to celebrate last years championship all year long, go for it.

Part of any championship celebration is the ring ceremony. I've always been wowed by pro sports, championship rings. I've been lucky enough to wear three different Superbowl rings, so awesome.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Cubs World Series ring will have 108 diamonds. Holy Cow, that's a lot of diamonds.

Some may think that is insane, "108" diamonds on a ring? But according to Ben Zobrist, that's pretty much the point:

That's kind of the point of wearing a World Series ring. It's obvious it's going to be something special - Ben Zobrist




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