It's probably been many years since you've seen "The Club" on a vehicle but don't be surprised if you see them start popping up all over Illinois.

Popular 1990s "As Seen On TV" Product

One of my favorite types of television commercials from back in the day is the one you can only get the merchandise through the special phone number shown during the advertisement. They're known as "As Seen On TV" products. Nowadays, some stores even have a display featuring those items. There were legendary inventions including The Clapper and Chia Pet. My favorite is The Club which was popular in the 1990s.

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The Club Spotted In Illinois

Last week, I went to the "Y" after work. As I was walking up to the building, I notice something very interesting in a car. It was The Club. If you don't remember it, The Club was a vehicle anti-theft device that you locked on your steering wheel to keep thieves from stealing your wheels. I didn't know they were still available, let alone people using them.

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The Club Is Making Comeback In Illinois

I thought it was funny to see the actual device on a car since it had been years. Then I found out it's making a comeback in Illinois. In our state, there has been a big problem with Kia and Hyundai cars being stolen. Apparently, The Club is one of the best ways to prevent it.

According to,

One of the top-rated devices when it comes to helping prevent and deter thieves from stealing your car.

In fact, they work so well that a police district in Chicago has been handing them out to residents and it's helping.

According to, 

A total of 200 units of The Club – an anti-theft device that locks the steering wheel – were purchased and donated by West Side businesses and churches.


While The Club isn't foolproof, the hope by this giveaway is it will slow down or maybe deter the thieves from stealing that car.

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The Club Is Available For Sale

I went searching on the internet and found many places where you can purchase The Club for your vehicle. Amazon has one for $41.56, HERE. If you own a car on the most stolen list, you might want to pick one up.

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