We've all heard the expression, "business in the front, party in the back."

That's how many describe the popular '80s style haircut, the mullet.

Looks like it's about to make a comeback. But did it ever really leave?

My brother-in-law has been obsessed with the mullet and the rat tail for as long as I can remember. His Instagram account is pretty much dedicated to pictures of the hairstyles he sees out in his travels.

You'd be surprised by the amount of them floating around the Bay Area and Manhattan. In fact, there's a polaroid of my brother-in-law with his mullet and actor Alan Cummings on the wall of a sake bar in New York right now.

The states aren't the only place seeing more and more mullets popping up. Australia and England are having a bit of resurgence in popularity of the classic hairstyle.

The mullet is so popular again that there is even a festival dedicated to it, called Mulletfest. I mean what else should it have been called?

Did you have a mullet back in the day or do you still have it now?

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