Candidate for the 5th Congressional District of Illinois announces support for legalizing marijuana by releasing photo of himself holding a joint in front of a painting of the American flag.

Pot makes the headlines again.

From"Cannabis Candidate" calls for legalizing marijuana, joint in hand."

I agree. It's time for Illinois to legalize weed. I would vote for this guy if I lived in his district.

His name is Benjamin Thomas Wolf. Here's what he said.

“As a cannabis user, I think it’s important we get out front and talk about it. We realize that cannabis can bring billions of dollars to the state, it’s medicine for millions of people around the country, it changes criminal justice reform and personally I think it’s a wonderful recreational substance as well.”

He's not just some crazy hippy. Wolf is a former FBI national security officer who currently is a college professor and restaurant owner.

It will be interesting to see how he does in the upcoming election.

Now, that sounds like a real "Green" party.

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