The "Big One" is coming summer of 2017, will you be ready?

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A total solar eclipse is on the way next summer, are you ready to party?

In 2017 we will get quite the show in the skies above, capped off by the big one on August 21st.

So those that enjoy watching the show in the sky, according to FREEP here is how 2017 will shine on us:

  • Jan 1 - A conjunction of the waxing crescent moon and Venus
  • Jan 2 -The moon will shift between Venus and Mars for an encore presentation
  • Jan 31- The moon comes back around to get close to Venus and Mars once again
  • Feb 11 -  A penumbral lunar eclipse
  • April 7 - The largest planet in our solar system returns to the evening and is closest to the earth

This and other highlights in the skies will take us to "The Big One" August 21st. This will be the most major astronomical event of 2017, a total solar eclipse. The Moon will completely block the sun, and you will be ale to witness this anywhere across the country. There has not been a total solar eclipse in the U.S. since 1979. So let's through a party Rockford, I'm open for suggestions.






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