Future moon bases could be made from urine.

I don't know if you keep up with the United State's "Space Program," but we are going back to the moon starting in 2024. I think that's pretty darn exciting.

NASA is already starting to prepare. They don't want it to be "one & done," so they are working on ways to keep the travel sustainable. One way is to build a base on the surface as a destination for astronauts.

Building on the moon won't be easy. It's very difficult and expensive to transport heavy materials there. The are currently trying to figure out solutions.

According to kenoshanews.com,

"As part of a new study, researchers investigated what would happen if moon dust, known as regolith, was mixed with a component of human urine called urea to create a kind of concrete that can be 3D-printed to build a structure fit for human habitation."

If they could do that, it would be amazing.

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