The Farmers Almanac is saying that the winter of 2023 is going to get cold, VERY cold. Also, you might want to invest in an additional shovel or two!

As we enjoy this warm and sunny summer in Northern Illinois, there are details released about what we can expect this winter...oh boy. It looks like this winter could be one of the most intense in years.

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It's going to get COLD this winter...really, really cold. Check this out:

There are indications that an El Niño (an unusually high-water temperature off the Pacific Coast of South America), will be brewing in the latter half of 2023, lasting into the winter of 2024. If we consider that alongside our tried-and-true forecast formula, it means that cold temperatures should prevail throughout the country and bring snow, sleet, and ice. - Farmers Almanac

Yep, it's gonna get nasty. Winter officially starts on December 21, 2023...But as you know, the dropping temps will happen WAY before that. The Farmers Almanac is calling for blizzard like conditions in early December for the North Central states, yikes.

So what about the Midwest, what can we expect as we get into December? How about everything. Lots and lots of everything...

Below-average temperatures and lots of snowstorms, sleet, ice, rain for much of the Great Lakes and Midwest areas of the country. - Farmers Almanac

Investing in salt and a couple extra shovels before all this hits later this year, might be a good idea.


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