If your Thanksgiving plans include a trip to O'Hare, you might be freaking out. But take a deep breath, it's not going to be that bad.

When I used to live outside of Illinois, Thanksgiving flights were necessary, and especially in college, they had to include the Tuesday or Wednesday before the holiday and always concluded on the Sunday afterwards... which I thought was the worst airport day of the year.

Seriously, if I called my dad right now and asked him, I swear he would tell me the worst travel days are Thanksgiving or near Christmas and he spent over 40 years in the airline industry.

But nope, according to NBC 5 Chicago, the worst travel days of the year are over the summer.

Thursday, July 27 to be exact. At least in the last twelve months.

Followed by June 29 and August 17. Those are the top three busy days at O'Hare in the last twelve months, which includes last holiday season.

So, take a deep breath, pack your suitcase and don't stress too much about flying to see your family this holiday season... stress more about what happens when you actually get there.

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