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Valentine's Day is this Sunday, here's a fun quiz you can take with your Valentine, to see if you both think the same way. Now depending on how long you've been together, some of this might be hazy to you.

These are "simple" questions but by the same token, they could for sure spark some "healthy" debate. Remembering the whereabouts of your first kiss should be top of mind, but maybe you can't remember who said I love you first?

Print this out and quiz your Valentine this Sunday. Fellas, there might be that chance that you are "slightly wrong" with each answer, and this weekend that is 100% o.k.

Good luck to you, when you complete this feel free to post a pic of you and your Valentine on our Facebook!

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If you want to look smart this Sunday, here is the HISTORY of Valentine's Day...It's pretty twisted:
There was more than one saints with "Valentine" in their name. One of the stories says Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. He was odd, and outlawed marriage for young men because they were better at fighting wars.

Number two was a bishop, Saint Valentine of Terni. People swear he was the namesake of the holiday. The priest from the above story, had this "Valentine" beheaded. Happy Valentine's Day!

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