Lost Corn Maze Visitors Call 911 [VIDEO]
The first time I went through a corn maze, all I could think about was The Shining. The hedge maze in the movie was probably cool during the day, but at night with a maniac axe murderer chasing you, probably not. A family in California had a real life scare when
Man Dials 911 for a Date [AUDIO]
Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. A little companionship. It happens to all of us. For one Florida man, it was an emergency. According to WFTX-TV, forty-five year old Stephen Ramsey is accused of misusing the 911 system. You see,
Record Replay- David Bowie "Heroes" [VIDEO]
Jim Morrison may have been the Lizard King but David Bowie can lay claim to being the Rock 'n Roll Chameleon. Whether it's late '60s hippie, early '70s glam, his mid/late '70s Berlin period or just being the world's coolest guy since the early '80s to today, Bowie …