I mean we all know the weather hasn't been very spring like, but driving in the snow should come as second nature to most Rockfordians. We do get all four seasons here, so driving in the snow is just something we have to do. Even if it is supposed to be spring time and the only showers we should be getting would bring May flowers.

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But that didn't stop someone from driving too fast for road conditions and crashing into some else's home!

Just a little before 7pm Sunday evening, someone crashed a car into a home on Knight Ave. here in Rockford. After the crash the suspect fled the scene and as of right now has yet to be caught.

Rockford Police think the person responsible was trying to make a turn a too high of speed , may have lost control, causing them to cross into the lawn and smash into the house.

Thankfully no one inside the house was injured as a result of the crash!


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