Rooftop owners sued the Chicago Cubs over the right field videoboard, and they lost. The U.S. Supreme Court this morning agreed with a lower court decision.

When the rooftop owners sued the Cubs, they claimed that they were being cheated out of their views (which they charged customers for) by the (at that time) new videoboard in right field.

However, a federal judge dismissed their case. Judge Virginia Kendall said the board was allowed because the agreement allowed “any expansion of Wrigley Field approved by governmental authorities.”

Skybox on Sheffield and Lakeview Baseball Club sued the Cubs in 2015, arguing in part that a right-field video board the team was adding would block their views of the ballpark and violate terms of a 2004 revenue-sharing agreement.

The rooftop owners, obviously not happy with the judge's decision, decided to appeal to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, where a 3-judge panel upheld Judge Kendall's ruling.

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case, thereby upholding a the lower court's ruling--and we're done here.

It's not like fans on the rooftops don't get the occasional souvenir:

And, if you've always wondered what the rooftops were like:

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