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The closest Chicago Bears fans will get to the Super Bowl, is by connecting the Bears to each team. Think of it as a 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" type of thing. Let's take a look at how the Chicago Bears and the Super Bowl bound Tampa Bay Bucs connect in 2020...there are two big ways:

#1 - Tom Brady could have been the Chicago Bears QB in 2020. NBC SPORTS

As crazy as this sounds, it's true. According to Tom Brady, the Chicago Bears WERE on his short list of teams to play for after leaving the New England Patriots.

 "The final list that Brady was looking at, the Chargers, the Bears, and the Buccaneers. I was told this yesterday...'wait a minute. The Bears?' [The source] told me yes." - Dan Patrick

Instead of this happening, the Chicago Bears sent a 4th round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for Nick Foles. That's like wanting a steak for dinner but settling for bologna.

#2 - After losing to the Chicago Bears in week five, Brady and the Bucs started rolling people.

It took a confused Tom Brady (didn't know what down it was) and a loss to the Chicago Bears for the Tampa Bay Bucs to "click." After that loss all of the issues that Brady had began to vanish. They won the next eight of nine games and put together an impressive season. We can thank the Bears for waking up the GOAT.

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