There is a baby boom in Chicago this summer and the Cubs are being blamed for it.

The Chicago Cubs are finally starting to play better. They've been on a tear since the all-star break. I couldn't get too upset because they won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.

It seems like just yesterday when Cub fans had the biggest party of their lives.In reality, it was nine months ago. That's a very interesting fact.

"A report suggests area hospitals are experiencing a significant spike in births. Simple math suggests that many of these babies may have been conceived during the Cubs’ thrilling postseason run."

How did you celebrate?

Well, I guess some couples found a "special" way to commemorate this historic event.

I've heard of baby booms happening after huge blizzards when people are stuck at home. Never after a big sports victories.

I wonder how many of those babies will end up with Cub related names? In six years there will be kindergarten classes full of kids named Wrigley, Theo, and Rizzo.


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