"Cruisin' Chubbys" Gentleman's Club in Wisconsin calls itself the "Largest Adult Entertainment Center in the Midwest".

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Exotic dancer Teriana Jones filed a class action lawsuit in court alleging club management of Cruisin' Chubbys required dancers to share their tips which made it impossible to reach minimum wage pay, and also that they received no overtime pay.

The attorney for Teriana Jones, Justin Peterson says the following:

“It’s like having a waitress come to work and work for you all night at your restaurant and then telling her ‘I'm not going to pay you minimum wage, I'm not going to pay you overtime, I'm going to give you 50 percent of the tips you've made and that's it.’”

If the court rules in favor of Teriana Jones, she could be paid double damages, payment would be twice what she was originally paid.

So is something "naughty" going on at Cruisin' Chubbys or is this just par for the course?

Is this normal strip club business, that finally someone is speaking up on? Regardless of the type of business, there are labor laws. The dancers are being treated as independent contractors instead of full time employees, so they don't have to be paid hourly wages.




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