A customer of an Illinois strip club goes to jail for not paying a dancer.

If you plan on visiting a strip club, it's a good idea to bring money. Especially, if you're planning on getting some dances or tipping the entertainers. Also, you might want a tasty beverage. Some even serve food.

You don't want to be the creepy person in the back watching without spending any cash.

Well, a guy in Peoria thought he could walk out on his bill and it ended up costing him a trip to jail.

According to pjstar.com,

"Peoria Police were called to Big Al’s regarding a patron refusing to pay. When officers arrived, the manager said that a 29-year-old customer owed $25. The report did not specify the nature of that debt."

The man was confronted by the manager for the money he owed. He tried to pay $10 and say they were even. That didn't settle the situation and the police were called.

The suspect said he welcomed a call to the cops but then attempted to escape.

When the authorities arrived, he grabbed a drink and started to chug it before they cuffed him.

While being taken out, the lawbreaker insisted he wasn't read his Miranda rights.

Then the drunk customer tried some humor with a bad joke, “I used to date a stripper with the name Miranda Rights.”

One of the offenses he was charged with was "theft of labor or services."

I hope he learned a valuable lesson, don't try to stiff the stripper.


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