This is a stress-free way to put your Christmas away for the season and have it ready to go for next year.

Growing up in my family, decorating for Christmas was a process. Let's just say my Mom really liked the holiday, so she had a lot of stuff to put out. It was fun. Especially, when I was a kid.

There was only one problem, taking it all down. Every individual ornament had its own box to be stored in. Putting them away took twice as long as setting them up.

I appreciate what she did but I don't have the patience for that.

Then I found out the way my Mother-in-law does it. She keeps everything on the tree. After the holiday, she simply covers it in plastic wrap. Then places it in storage. Next year, she takes out the tree, unwraps the plastic, and it's ready to roll.

I thought this was something unique that she did but now I've learned it's actually a thing.

According to,

"If you have an artificial tree and haven’t had the desire or energy to take it down yet, you’re gonna want to check this out. A mom-of-two from Minnesota decided she’d had it with the yearly tree set up/take down shenanigans, so she did what any busy mom would do, she solved the problem herself."

She did the same thing as my Mother-in-law.

Her name is Renae Krivitz and here is a picture from her Facebook page.

This is a great idea. No more stressing over decorating for Christmas.

If you've been procrastinating taking down your tree because of all the work, I suggest trying this out.

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