This year has been a real dumpster fire is probably one of the more popular phrases I've heard to describe this year and it's not a far off statement.

So to help keep our sense of humor intact some have taken to making some very 2020 themed Christmas ornaments that are a must for the tree this year. And even years to come, so you can laugh about that one time everyone hoarded toilet paper.

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There is plenty of fun 2020 themed ones to choose from too!

You can't go wrong with the classic dumpster fire. This option is my favorite because of the LED light that causes it to glow.



For those who enjoy getting one with the whole family on it, you should look into this one. You can even personalize it with your family's names.


Here's another good one, which sorta summaries the year 2020.



A quick Google search or even on ETSY or Amazon and you can find a 2020 ornament that works best for your tree.

For those who are big Dr. Fauci fans, this is the one for you.



Whichever, if any you may choose, I hope you and yours have a great time whatever you and yours choose to celebrate!

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