Here are some unique places in Rockford where I've smelled marijuana.

I remember being in Las Vegas a few years ago and I swore I could smell pot wherever I went. Now, that recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois, I swear I catch the scent all over Rockford. It's been in some weird places.

Strangest Places I’ve Smelled Weed In Rockford

  • YMCA Locker Room - It seems like it defeats the purpose of working out.
  • Intersection - I was waiting at a stoplight and the closest car was on the other side. That's some stinky stuff.
  • High School Restroom - I was at a basketball game and had to go. I was the only one in there so I was worried a teacher would walk in and blame me.
  • Funeral Home - Everybody grieves in their own way.
  • Walmart - The kid getting carts just walked by, I'm guessing he took a smoke break on company time.

Have you ever gotten the whiff of weed in a strange place in Rockford?

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