A drunk Wisconsin man was arrested for stealing strange things from a neighbor's car.

What is it about getting drunk and doing dumb things? They just go hand in hand.

A drunk man in Wisconsin got arrested and surprisingly it wasn't for a double-digit OWI. Though it's something equally stupid.

According to journaltimes.com,

"A man has been charged with theft after allegedly getting drunk and breaking into his neighbor’s car."

Now, I know you're thinking. What did he steal? Was it something valuable? Money? Electronic devices? Jewelry?


"The items included a blue fidget spinner, American Eagle body spray, flip flops, Nike shoes, a smoking device, two bottles of alcohol and prescription medication including a narcotic that belonged to the victims."

Well, maybe he has a good excuse for doing it. Is he unemployed and broke? The neighbor owed him money?


"He told police he stole the items when he was “blackout drunk” and doesn’t remember much of what happened but said he woke up with things that didn’t belong to him."

I think I will just call this a learning moment for the kids.

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