As an avid reader of my bloggy blog, I know that you read my blog post New Illinois Laws for 2014.  I thought to myself, "well Lori, I'm sure there are many other laws that we need to know and discuss."  While digging through the vast interweb, I stumbled upon a great list of REAL Illinois Laws.  REAL STRANGE that is!

1.  In the State of Illinois, it's a crime to possess more than $600 worth of salamanders.  Well who wants $600 worth of salamanders!?  Salamanders eat bugs and bugs are gross.  Enough said.

2.  Speaking of reptiles, in Illinois, a seller of reptiles must advise the buyer not to kiss it.  There goes my chance of finding Prince Charming.

3.  I've always wished to have another one of me.  Two is always better than one.  But unfortunately, it's illegal to clone a person.  Bummer.

4.  In Illinois it is illegal to sell a smelly mattress.  Well is there any other kind of mattress?

5.  In Illinois, animals cannot be slaughtered using a hammer.  Ugh?

6.  If you have been to Manteno, Illinois... better leave your snotty tissues at home.  Dropping a Kleenex on the ground is against the law.

7.  Next time you go to the grocery store, may sure to check your eggs.  In Illinois, it's a crime to sell eggs that are dirty or leaking.  

8.  College students, be careful when taking notes in class.  It's a crime to use state university stationery or letter head for private purposes.  (Although who really takes notes in class?)

9.  Hey you punky kids on your fancy bicycles.  Yeah I'm talking to you.  You have to have one hand on the handlebars at all times!   Next kid I see riding around with no hands... I swear... (ok, ok, I'm jealous because I never figured that out when I was a kid.)

10.  Finally, It is illegal to kill a horse and sell the meat to humans.  Thanks Aldi!

Note:  All cited laws are real and currently in effect, and have been verified for authenticity by practicing attorney Nathan Belofsky, Esq., the world's leading authority on strange laws. (Source, here)