This comedy roast battle hosted by a legendary comedy club in Illinois has the perfect name, "Sticks and Stones."

My Parent's Advice For Handling Bullies

Growing up. I was the youngest kid on my block so I got made fun of a lot. I learned pretty quickly to have thick skin and not let it bother me.

School Bully

My parents taught me that old saying...

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."



"Stick And Stones" Is Making A Comeback

It's funny because, until today, I haven't heard the "Sticks and Stones" phrase since I was eight years old. Now, it's making a comeback, well, at least at a Chicago Comedy Club.

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Chicago's Lincoln Lodge Is Hosting A "Sticks And Stones" Comedy Roast Battle

The Lincoln Lodge is a legendary comedy club in Chicago. They feature all kinds of fun shows including their latest, "Sticks and Stones Comedy Roast Battle."

According to, 

"Every Thursday at 8 pm in the Lincoln Lodge Theatre you can watch some of Chicago’s funniest people say the meanest things about each other!"


"Every show will feature a panel of judges that will start each show telling jokes."


"After the judges have been introduced, the roast battle contestants will go back and forth with their roasts for 5 rounds."

In the end, one comedian will remain standing and win the battle of the roast.


The "Sticks And Stones Comedy Roast Battle" Could Get Ugly

Warning: this roast battle could get ugly. Comedians live for this kind of stuff. Have you ever seen a comic handle a heckler? It is a thing of beauty, tearing them apart with words. I bet it's a hilarious show.


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