Your wedding can now be officiated by Steven Tyler, the lead singer from Aerosmith.

Back in the day when you got married, you had to have a "professional" conduct the ceremony for you. Your minister did it at church or by a judge at the courthouse.

Then you could go to Vegas and hire an Elvis impersonator.

Now, anyone could just go on the internet, pay a fee, and you can officially marry people. You can have a friend or relative perform the ceremony in your backyard. Nice and easy.

What if you could get a celebrity to do? How about the singer of your favorite band?

According to,

"We got the Aerosmith frontman Tuesday at LAX and he flashed us a card he got in the mail, making him an ordained minister who can now officiate weddings. The price was certainly right ... he paid 80 bucks."

Here's the video of the rock legend talking about it.

Video: Steven Tyler Says He's Now An Ordained Minister And He's Not Kidding

By the way, if you're looking to hire Steven, it'll cost you $200,000.

Who would you want to marry you?


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