For your next vacation, stay on a houseboat in Illinois.

Many of my friends and family enjoy taking at least one vacation each year. You can include me in that group. We usually travel in the summer. We like to relax while on a trip, so we usually end up on a beach somewhere.

Unfortunately for the past year, going out of town for a big adventure has not been an option. It has been better to stay close to home. There are some options if you just need to get away for a couple of days. Illinois has plenty of interesting places to check out. You can spend the night in a treehouse and tiny cabin to name just a couple.

When I was little, my grandma's boyfriend owned a boat. They would sail all around the Caribbean. The two of them basically lived on the boat when they were not at home. I always thought that would be fun to sleep on a vessel like that. Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity. I have never even been on a cruise.

It looks like I might finally have my chance this summer. Illinois is home to a few houseboats to rent out like a hotel room.

According to,

"The options for a unique place to stay are endless. If you are the type of person who enjoys being by the water, then perhaps a night on a houseboat would be of interest to you. Being close to water almost always guarantees relaxation, and staying on one of these boats may be just what you need."

Here are some options to look into.

Definitely looks like something I would like to check out this summer.

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