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Have you checked out Binny's Beverage Depot of East State Street yet? The size of the place, the selection, the deals, AND they carry my personal favorite...Zombie Dust. Binny's is like the ultimate toy store, for adults, and the employees are super friendly, that's a win win.

I was introduced to the nectar of the Gods "Zombie Dust" from Three Floyds Brewing, a few years back at The Rock Bar and Grill in Beloit...Terri Agate, I am forever in debt to you for this introduction. It is one of most requests beers in the HISTORY of craft beer, crazy right? Zombie Dust is a Citra hopped pale ale, it's an EASY drink that tastes delicious and comes in at 6.2% I could go on and on about "Zombie Dust" But let's see how much I can buy if I won our 10k Stimmy Check...

So shopping at Binny's Beverage Depot, they have Zombie Dust at $13.99 a six-pack. Yep, it's a little pricey...trust me, worth every penny. I mean, hell if you win the $10,000 Stimulus Check on 96.7 The Eagle, drop it at a local business and make it worth it!

So let's do some beer math, (calculator required) if I dropped 10k on six packs of Zombie Dust beer, that would put me at 714 six packs of Zombie Dust...that would be 4284 cans of the greatest beer ever. I'm thinking that would last me I while, but maybe not.

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