A skunk gets its head stuck in a cup and is rescued by a South Bend, Indiana police officer.

For some reason, animals get their heads caught in strange places. For example last week, my cat got her head trapped in a plastic bag. Maybe, it's because they are too curious. I see stories about it all the time.

This particular one is pretty humorous.

According to abc7chicago.com,

"A police officer in South, Bend Indiana saved a skunk that found itself in some trouble." 

So here's the situation...

A skunk got its head stuck in a cup. An officer spotted it and wanted to help. He grabbed a towel from his vehicle. The cop placed it over the animal's head. With gloves, he freed it. He quickly jumped out of the way to avoid being sprayed. The creature must have been grateful because he didn't stink up his rescuer.

By the way, the hero used to have a pet skunk when he was younger, so he's had experience with them in the past.

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