This is either gonna be really good or very bad!

Pickles on white background

I love pickles!! I love them so much that after I've finished a jar, I'll drink the pickle juice. Sorry, not sorry. My kids are the same way. We've tried making dill pickle soup, but I don't recommend it. We even have pickle flavored lip balm.

But lip balm isn't the only item you can get that's pickled flavored. There's pickle vodka, pickle flavored sports drinks, pickle chips, and now, Sonic is going to start serving pickle juice slushies.

Starting this June, you'll be able to order one at the burger chain. You won't be limited to just slushies either. Once it hits the menu at Sonic, you'll be able to use the pickle flavored syrup for other items on their menu. That would include milkshakes, sundaes, or even a burger. You may have to pay an up-charge for that.

I'd be lying to say that I wasn't curious to see how they are going to taste. Like I said before, this is either gonna be the best slushie ever OR the worst thing one could ever ingest.

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