For state residents, some museums in Illinois announce free days.

Things For Families To Do When It Gets Cold

I remember when my daughter was little. We were always trying to find things to keep her busy and entertained. It is easy during the nice summer weather. All we had to do was go outside to play and she was happy.


When the temperatures turn cold, it gets a little bit harder. Of course, she still loved to be outside but you have to be careful. More time is spent indoors. We would usually try to find interesting places to take her like a museum. She really enjoyed going to them. Unfortunately, they can get kind of expensive, so those visits were limited.


Affordable Inside Family For Cold Weather

If you look hard enough, you can find some great deals for museums out there. In fact, you can go check out some of the best in the state for free when planning it correctly.

According to,

"As the weather cools down and autumn is in full swing, Chicagoans can enjoy a trip to a city museum free of charge."


"Illinois residents receive free museum entry for select Chicago museums throughout the year, with several opportunities throughout the months of November and December."


"All Illinois residents must provide proof of residency to participate in the museum free days, such as an Illinois driver's license, lease, library card, student ID with a photo, utility bill, work ID or check stub."



Which Museums Have Free Days And When 

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